This is how big fish die out from overfishing so all that is left is tiny fish we can't eat. This picture is an infographic by Don Foley and is from the book "Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do To Save Them". This book is a really good book. I read it all the time and really like it. You can see more information about overfishing and this infographic at oceana.org.
Earth Day is this Friday! Earth Day is awesome because you can do a lot of fun and good things for our planet. What are you going to do to help? I am going to bike instead of ride in the car, plant some seeds and visit a local farm. If everyone did one small thing for the planet on Earth Day and hopefully every day we could all make a big difference!

If you are ready to promise to do something nice for our planet on Earth Day please join me on the B Kind 2 Earth Day Facebook Page and share what you are going to do. You can inspire other people to do something too. You could take a walk, plant something, promise to stop using single use plastic bags and water bottles, clean up the beach or a park, there are lots of ways to help. I am a state leader for B Kind 2 Earth Day so I am trying to get lots of people to visit their page and promise to help on Earth Day! I hope you will check it out. It's a really cool page!

Please put what you are going to promise to do on Earth Day in the comments and I will pick one random person from the comments on this blog entry to win a ChicoBag! I hope you will help the planet and leave a comment too so you can win a ChicoBag! Happy Earth Day!

I'd like to ask your help in defending our oceans from the destruction of bottom trawling. Have you heard about this? Bottom trawling is about the most wasteful fishing practice around. Corporate ships are dragging huge nets (2 tons+) along the bottom of the ocean, catching a few fish and destroying everything else in their path. These guys are destroying deep sea ecosystems and almost surely extinguishing whole species before they are even discovered.

Here is a video showing a bottom trawler destroying the ocean and how they throw the stuff they don't want back in the ocean and let it die. The Truth About Bottom Trawling

Help today by signing a petition to set aside 40% of the world’s oceans as marine reserves. Here's the link: Ocean Protection Petition

Oceana.org also works hard to stop bottom trawling. This is why I sell magnets to raise money for Oceana. If you buy my magnets that money goes to Oceana so that will help stop bottom trawling. I hope you will help!

When oil spills into the ocean it causes lots of problems. The oil is bad for the plants, fish and people. It can kill the animals and plants. It is bad for people to breathe in the chemicals.

We can help by using less oil and living greener. We can send letters to the people that makes laws so we can use more clean energy.

I learned a lot about how oil hurts the ocean and wildlife from Dawn's Junior Wildlife Champions lesson plans. The lesson are fun and easy to find. Just go to facebook.com/dawnsaveswildlife. I hope you will try out these lessons because if more kids know about the problems in our oceans there will be more people helping in the future.
We need to stop using plastic bags because many of them make their way downstream to the oceans. Ocean wildlife think the plastic bags are jelly fish. They eat the bags and then die.

Plastic bags in our landfills take 1,000 years to degrade. Eventually they break into tiny bits that pollute our soil and water. These bits threaten ocean animals and contaminate the food chain. Plastic soaks up dangerous chemicals that will make their way back to us through the food chain.

Millions of plastic bags are given out each day and making them takes a lot of energy. This energy makes global warming emissions which hurts the coral reefs and kills algae. The toxic chemicals used to make plastic bags causes pollution.

Some people tell me they use plastic bags but they recycle them so it's OK. Recycling won't fix this problem. Only 1-3% of plastic bags get recycled. Non-renewable resources are used for recycling and there are still the toxic chemicals used to make them in the first place.

I have chosen to take the Plastics Pledge and my family and I don't use single use plastic bags anymore. At first it wasn't always easy to remember to take our reusable bags with us but pretty soon we got use to doing it. We keep reusable bags in our car and my mom has Chico bags in her purse.

If you aren't already I hope you will take your own bags when you go shopping. By bringing your own bags one person can save between 400-600 plastic bags in one year! Leave a comment if you are using reusable bags or if you will pledge to start using them today! I will pick one person from the comments next Monday and send them a Chico bag of their own!

I have read a lot of things that say how our oceans are in trouble but lots of times they don't say what we can do to help and that makes me really frustrated. Sometimes it is hard to help because you don't know how or it seems like too much work. This new blog is to help people see there are lots of things we can do. There will be posts that tell about the problems but they will also tell what you can do to help. I will also post about the things I'm doing to help and maybe you can try them. I hope you will follow my blog and help save our oceans too.
Please comment if you are helping the ocean and spreading the word.


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